Affiliate/Ads Disclosure

Hey sis! I want to make sure I keep things open between you and me so I’m filling you in on how I monetize this website.

Some bloggers write as their hobby. For me this is a ministry that also adds extra income for my family. One of the ways I make money to be able to keep this ministry going is recommending products to you that I believe will benefit you via affiliate links.

When you click on an affiliate link, it will take you to a site (i.e. Amazon) where you can shop for the product I recommended and I get a commission on your purchase, at no extra cost to you.

I also allow Google to place ads on my site that are relevant to what I’m writing about and sometimes that includes things that you may have already been interested in from another site. (That’s what “cookies” are, they help companies show you ads that you may be interested in).

Some of my readers are going to shop online anyway, so I give them an opportunity to support my ministry by doing something they’re already going to do.

When I feature affiliate links in my blogs, I let you know upfront and mark the links with an asterisk (*). That way if you don’t want to use the links, you don’t have to feel obligated, but if you do want to show your support, you know where to go.

I’m grateful for all forms of support — monetary, sharing on social media, and simply taking the time to read what I write. THANK YOU so so so so much!