Trusting Your Gut as a Young Mom (Podcast)

This week we kicked off a new podcast series called, “Messy, Miraculous Motherhood.” During this series I will be interviewing young moms who I admire, asking them about their journeys to motherhood, their lifestyles/careers, and their relationships with God.

In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing one of my friends from way back in the day, Janelle Reyes. Janelle’s interview was so inspiring! She dropped so many gems about young motherhood and what it looks like to trust God and your gut in the process. She is a 27 year-old wife to a veteran, and mama of three (four of you include their pit bull). Her wisdom comes from how her faith in God has been proven overtime by His faithfulness to her and her family. You’ve got to hear this story!

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