Are You Really Ready To Do Your Taxes? (Podcast)

Have you ever been afraid to open your mail because you didn’t know what bills or other bad news was going to come? We’ve been there. There was a time where we owed the IRS money and that season was one of the hardest and scariest of our lives, financially speaking. We made it through, but I wish we had some guidance from people like the ladies at Pay It Forward Taxes to help us navigate the tax preparation process.

In this podcast, I have the privilege of interviewing Erin Lashley, Delicia Hamilton, and Rachel Croft from Pay It Forward Taxes. They are a family/friend owned business that specializes in tax preparation and bookkeeping. They each bring their passion for helping people and creating generational wealth to their business. This interview, although it was about a sometimes dreadful subject, was anything but boring. They share so much practical and biblical knowledge and encouragement with us about how to use the tax system to our advantage to bless our families. I cannot wait for you to hear what they have to share.

To see the video of our interview and find out more about Pay It Forward Taxes and what they do, visit their website – (direct link to the video), or (for all other information).

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