10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start A Christian Blog

I think it’s wonderful to want to make an impact for God’s glory. Especially those of us who love to write may find that blogging seems like a good idea to do for Jesus. I want to strongly caution you before you start a blog to consider these 10 reasons why you should NOT start a Christian blog.

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You should NOT start a Christian blog right now if…

1. You have a hard time managing your time.

Starting a Christian blog is like a full-time job if you want to do it well. If you already struggle with time management, do not add blogging to your plate — it is time-consuming and will make your life more complicated. Time management can be learned and I recommend investing in some resources that will help you develop this skill before you jump into it (otherwise you’ll experience burnout). Check out *this book, *this book, and *this book from Laura Vanderkam if you need a time-management rehab! (Each of these books completely changed how I spend my time for the better!)

2. You have a hard time managing your home.

If your home is a hot mess most of the time and its effecting the quality of life for your family, get that in order before you start blogging.

Speaking from experience, as the agreed-upon housekeeper in our family, when I started blogging prematurely, my home was already a mess and having the blog did not make things better. They got worse and worse and the atmosphere in our home was near depressing.

The truth is, as you’re putting the work into your blog there will be days where your home is a hot mess, but if it’s already that way now, just imagine how much worse it could become! I’m not saying it’s “your job as a woman” to keep the home clean, but it may mean that you need to help the rest of the family establish routines to keep the house in order.

With blogging, you’re adding something major to your schedule so it’s likely you will drop the ball. I encourage you to get organized enough that you can keep your standard of living higher so it doesn’t drop too low as you add on your blog.

3. You have a strained relationship with your husband.

When I first started blogging, my marriage was going through an intense growing period… LOL. Its funny now because we are so different now, praise Jesus, but it wasn’t funny back then. Mind you, I am a pastor’s wife and involved in several ministries so I worked with my husband constantly. I used blogging to escape the tension that would arise during that time and I let it take my time away from ministry and loving on my hubby.

God really challenged me during that time and I laid down my right to “do my own thing” so that I could focus on being a better wife and more committed to the ministries we were apart of together.

If you’re looking to use blogging to escape the things you need to be working on in your marriage, either your marriage or your blog won’t work after a while. Develop a healthy relationship with your husband so that when it’s the right time to start blogging, he can fully support and celebrate your work.

4. You don’t have structure in place for your children.

When I first started blogging, I felt like my kid was getting in the way of my purpose. I know that sounds harsh but that’s how I felt and I avoided doing mom stuff because I so wanted to be more than a mom… while writing a mom blog!

When I let that blog go I realized that being a mom is one of the greatest callings God could have given me because I have the opportunity to raise a world-changer for Jesus.

Remember that our children belong to Jesus and we are called to steward them. I’m sorry to say I had no structure or discipline for my daughter for a while, but by His grace I’m so much better. If you’re not doing what you need to do when it comes to raising your little ones, make that a priority.

When the blogging starts it will be time-consuming and you’ll have to know how to balance so that you still give your kids the best care that God wants your to give them.

5. You want something to make you feel fulfilled.

If you’re not fulfilled in Christ, starting a Christian blog will not fulfill you. I know because I’ve tried it. I felt so worthless when I left the workforce to be a stay-at-home mom that I thought maybe a blog would make me into a “somebody” again.

If you’re hoping that you can fill your time with something that will help people so that you feel better about yourself, it will be the very thing that causes you to feel anxious and break down because it couldn’t fulfill you.

Find your fulfillment in Christ before you start a blog so that you can truly bless people and give Him glory. You will need to have stamina and thick skin — haters and trolls are real and you will have to rooted and grounded in God’s love to be able to continue on, knowing that your approval is in Him.

If you’re not there yet, give yourself some time to become healthier. It will really pay off if you do. When Christ fulfills you, what you do for His glory is fulfilling, not the other way around.

6. You just want to make money or become famous.

Money and fame cannot be your only reaons for starting a blog (especially not the fame part). It can take you months before you have followers and income from your blog, and in the process you will have to be serving people through it, not seeking to gain from it.

When your goal is serve people, you’ll eventually see growth in impact and income (if you manage things correctly). If you don’t want to bless people, don’t start a blog, especially not a “Christian” one.

7. You don’t already have a regular quiet time with God.

If you are not already spending time with God every day, the blog will be one more thing to keep you away from him and His plans and promises for you. Put first things first — the blog can wait until your relationship with Jesus is the driving factor in your life.

8. You will let everything else fall apart in order to keep it going.

A blog should add to your life in a positive way, not suck all of your time and keep you from doing the things that are most important.

If you have a tendency to obsess over shiny new things and not eat and sleep and talk to people as a result, don’t start a blog. Your life should not fall apart because of it — instead having your blog should motivate you to keep everything else in order so that God will bless it.

9. You’re technologically challenged, unwilling to learn, and don’t already have an established business or ministry.

I once designed a website for a woman who was just starting a ministry and had no tech-savvy and was unwilling to learn anything to do with the computer. That was a big mistake. I felt bad that she paid me to make her website because I knew it wouldn’t last. She didn’t have the budget to pay me full-time to manage the online presence for her ministry, but she made lots of excuses about why she couldn’t learn. Within 6 months, her website was down.

If you are just starting out in your ministry or business and you know that you’re not tech-savvy and you think you’ll be able to pay someone to do all of the work for you, you may be wasting your time (and money). If you are unwilling to learn how to do it yourself, don’t start a blog before you have a solid ministry or business. Establish your ministry or business first so that you know your endeavor will be a success when in moves to the internet. Then you’ll have the budget to pay someone to do the online work for you.

I have another friend who is not tech-savvy, but you wouldn’t know it because she worked extremely hard to learn how to manage her blog. She has some help, but because her ministry was already an established 501(c)3 with a number of loyal followers, she had some income to pay for the help and she has been able to keep her blog going successfully for the last 2+ years! But again — she learned how to manage it.

10. You don’t feel called to blog or write.

If you don’t know if this is what God wants you to do, consider doing something else. No matter what your niche is, Christian blogging is a ministry and it is a tedious one. It takes a whole lot of commitment, and that is time you do not want to waste if you’re not sure this is what God wants you to undertake.

I wouldn’t rush into this if you’re unsure. Pray. I wanted my own plans to work out so badly I started two blogs without Jesus and they both failed. Ask God what He wants and be willing to surrender (or at least reluctantly submit) what your plans are.

He may be calling you to have a podcast or a YouTube channel or to start a group at your local church. Christian blogging isn’t the only way to start an online platform and/or impact people. Work with God on His plan, not the other way around.

What If You Fit One Of These Categories?

All of these reasons (except #10) are things that you can work on, and I suggest that you do work on them if you feel called to blog. If right now is not the right time, that’s okay! If this is God’s will for you in the future, He will show you when and how to get started, and you will have the peace and resources you need to do it well for His glory. The goal is to make sure your life can sustain adding this ministry to your plate. And you want to be confident that God is leading you through it.

If your relationships with God and your family are healthy, you’re managing things well, you feel called to blog or write, and you’re willing to learn… you should absolutely start a blog! It will not be easy, but it is extremely rewarding when done at the right time, with God leading the way and your family’s love and support.

Your Turn: Do you feel like you may want to start a Christian blog someday? ⭐️


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