Why I Went Back To Work Even Though I Didn’t Have To

I think Christian moms should consider working part-time as an alternative in the stay-at-home versus go-back-to-work debate.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost 3 years, working a few different side hustles from home that brought me sporadic income and will soon become full-time income. However, I recently started working very part-time (less than 12 hours) for some extra cash to do fun things like pay for my daughter’s ballet classes, take her to mommy-daughter dates at Friendly’s, visit my family in New Jersey, and do special things for my husband’s birthday and our anniversary.

I Didn’t “Need” To Work, But I’m Glad Did

My husband has the best job and benefits. He works at a church here in New York as a youth pastor and the church has a school where he works as a gym teacher. It’s an opportunity that combines his passions — Jesus, students, and sports — and he is thriving! I’m so happy for him and so proud of him because he’s so freaking good at it.

One of the benefits of my husband’s job is housing. We live in a house that the church owns with utilities taken care of. My daughter will also be attending the school when she gets older. Needless to say, Jesus gave us the hookup! And my husband is serving alongside some wonderful pastors — his boss believes in him and loves him. I can’t thank God enough for our chance to do ministry here and His provision for our family after our tough financial season.

With all of that said, my husband has made just enough money to pay our bills with a little wiggle room while I stayed home full-time with our daughter. His mom also moved in with us and works full-time. So I didn’t really “need” to start working, but I did! Here’s why:

Why I Went Back to Work

1. To Have More Wiggle Room

I have a few businesses that I am starting to grow more and more, but because most of that income is based on getting clients, it’s not predictable. Though my husbands income leaves us some wiggle room, things always come up (i.e. unexpected car trouble) and we’re starting to focus on building our savings and put more money towards debt. Having my very modest and predictable income outside of my husband’s has given us spending money for date nights, birthday presents, food for new neighbors, missions projects, and more.

2. To Invest In My Business

As I’m growing my business, I have needed to invest in software and products to make it more marketable and professional. Having some consistent extra income has allowed me to create a “nest egg” that I can use to build my business to regular income for my family. When my business has grown, I’ll be able to work from home consistently. I’m hoping to create mostly passive income by the time God blesses us with our next child.

3. To Connect With My Community

My other full-time job is being a pastor’s wife. It’s a role that I had to adjust to, but once I did, I found that being a ministry volunteer takes up so much of my time! It has been my privilege to serve alongside my husband and also serve with my other church family. However, staying at home and using most of my other hours to serve at church meant I didn’t have much time to connect with other people outside of my church in “regular” settings. So when I started working part time, that made me connect with my community in a new way. I have the privilege of working with a disabled veteran in my neighborhood, helping him keep his house and cats. (God has a sense of humor because you know I just learned how to keep my own home). I get to come home with the best stories about this sweet man, plus a little extra money in my pocket.

No Regrets

I’m so glad I went back to work because I have renewed energy, focus, and passion being out of the house and helping someone else for a few hours a week. These days my hubby jokes, “Busy wife, happy life,” because I come home excited and refreshed and my moods are contagious in my house. Plus the extra income has allowed us to bless so many more people while still letting us use our main income to continue recovering our finances so that we can bless even more people.

I have been able to do this and still stay home with my toddler for the majority of my week. Because of God’s favor (which I prayed for), I am able to make my own hours and it fits my family’s schedule perfectly. What if instead of choosing whether to stay home or go back to work, moms would consider telecommuting or working part-time in a job they enjoy? It’s been amazing for us so far!

Your Turn: How did you decide whether to go back to work or stay-at-home after having kids? ⭐️

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