Is It Okay To Make Money From A Christian Blog?

Most of us know by now that blogging can be a way to make money. I think sometimes Christians can especially wrestle with whether to monetize or make money from their Christian blog because their not sure if it’s okay. I know I struggled with the question myself: “Is it okay to make money from a Christian blog?”

Not only is it okay, you’d better be making money! Blogging is almost like a full-time job in itself. To do it well enough that people follow and commit to your mission, you have to put in a lot of resources including your time and your money.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should be making money from your Christian blog:

1. When people purchase from you or donate to your blog, that means that you’re adding so much value to their lives that they want to invest in what you’re doing.

There’s a book called *Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin that encourages people to enter business because business blesses people. (I’ve mentioned this book in a number of my posts already because it is that good and changed my life just by helping me have a healthy perspective of money!) In order to be in business, you have to be serving people in a way that you meet their needs or wants, and they have to think that what you offer is valuable enough to pay money. Making money from a Christian blog is a tangible way to see that you’re making a difference for others.

2. You can’t sustain a blog without making an income from it.

If you grow your following enough you will have to start using tools that will free up your time so that you can best maintain your work and serve your audience. It’s hard to keep shelling money out of your own pockets over time. If people love it, let them support it.

3. If you do well enough, you’ll be able to bless even more people.

Aside from the obvious putting food on the table for your family, you’ll be able to give abundantly to church, missions and charity; hire employees; and expand your reach, audience, and network as an ambassador of Christ.

4. Your work will be validated.

“Validation” is sales term that basically means your business is “tested and approved.” If you make a sale or receive a donation, that proves that your blog is something people want and it serves a purpose. As a result, you would be able to be called upon as a reliable expert in your field or niche. This will give you even more opportunities to be able to influence even more people for God’s glory.

5. You’ll work with greater excellence.

Have you ever seen or heard of those people who are wishy-washy with serving in church? They say they’ll be there, but a non-emergency “comes up” or they forget. Maybe they don’t think it’s a big deal because no one is expecting them, or there are other people who can do it, or what they have to do is more important. However, it’s likely that those same people will show up for work.

All of us have things that we do for free or for fun that are not as high priority as the things we need to do or get paid to do. But I can’t stress it enough: blogging is like a full-time job. (Most bloggers use different tools to automate our work so that we only have to work part-time, but learning what resources to use to develop the blog is especially time-consuming in the beginning.) When you’re working a “full-time job” and not getting paid for it you can be tempted to skimp on the quality.

The biggest thing *Thou Shall Prosper taught me is to not feel guilty about making money. Money is a resource that can be used for God’s glory. Notice that even pastors get paid for their work! (If not via salary, maybe in housing or benefits.) When people give us money, it makes us work hard enough to show them that what we do is worth what they pay. Not in a “I’m your slave kind of way,” instead, it keeps us accountable to the people we serve, that we will be excellent and diligent.

Ministry vs. Business

I think the main reason people struggle with the question of whether to make money with a Christian blog is they want to do “ministry.” But sometimes “ministry” is just a cover that we use to do mediocre work for God. Maybe it’s because we’re afraid of what will happen if we succeed. Maybe it’s because we are too insecure to see the value of what He can do through us.

The truth is ministry is just being about our Father’s business. Business is ministry and ministry is business because both are serving people. In everything. we should be working as if God is our boss. And when we work as if we’re working for God, everything is sacred, everything is ministry.

So YES, Make Money From Your Christian Blog

I hope this answered your question — you absolutely should be making money from your Christian blog. Blogging takes so much time and effort; if you want to minister effectively, seriously consider how you will monetize your blog so that you can sustain it and continue to give your all for God’s glory.

Your turn: Do you ever feel guilty about the possibility of making money from something you enjoy or for ministry? Are you thinking about starting a Christian blog? Do you already have one? ⭐️


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