How to Study the Bible as a Busy Mom

UPDATE: The FREE resource mentioned in this post is no longer available because I’m using the materials in a future project. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. I have a free Proverbs 31 Printable that I know will bless you. You can download it here.

I’ll admit the title of this post is a little click-bait-y because the truth is I don’t think having time for daily personal “Bible study” is realistic for busy moms. If studying the Bible daily is our goal, but we don’t already have a daily devotional habit set up, we may be setting ourselves for failure. We tend to mix up “Bible Study” and “devotional” as if they’re the same thing, but to me they’re completely different. Today’s blog is about creating a daily devotional habit — i.e. just spending time with God every day. It is vital, especially as we’re raising little people to love Jesus. If you’re looking for a post about going in-depth and studying the Bible, check out my SOAPx Bible Study post. If you’re struggling to read from day to day, keep scrolling — this one is for you!

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Here are 7 tips for starting a daily devotional habit as a busy mom:

1. Pick a time — any time.

I personally like to give God the first minutes of my day. I’ll be honest, sometimes I fall back to sleep or miss most of the words on the page, and have to start over, but the extra effort to say, “Good morning, Jesus! I’m here and I’m putting you first,” goes a long way for the rest of the day. I find that if I don’t have my devotional time in the morning it won’t get done and I’m Monster Mommy and Witchy Wife all day.

For you, during your little one’s nap time or before your own bed time may be best. Or you could choose to read at breakfast or during your lunch break at work.

Pick a time — anytime when there are minimal distractions — and try to do it at that time every day.

2. Do what you can and build from there.

No perfectionism! If all you can do is read the verse of the day and meditate on it for a few minutes — do that. Everything counts! The smallest things done consistently will build up your appetite to spend more time with God as you find more time. Don’t shoot for the one-hour quiet time if you are barely getting out the door in the morning. Forget the idealistic cutesy Bible-journaling morning. Start by doing what you can and eventually you’ll be able to do what you need.

3. Do it daily.

Consistency is the key to building a devotional habit. Spend time with Jesus every single day. I love the YouVersion Bible App because it has “streaks” that encourage you to do as many days of devotional time in a row as possible. You can keep a streak just by opening the app (which usually leads to reading something)! Have your quiet time with God every day, even if you’re half asleep one day or don’t have goosebumps another day. It all “adds up”! The littlest things help you grow over time. Growth over time is better than a deep two-hour Bible study once a month.

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4. Figure out what you’re going to read.

Find a reading plan or a devotional that you can use during your devotional time. My favorite devo is *My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers. Its short but intense readings convict me of my sin and remind me of the gospel every morning. The YouVersion App also has tons of “Plans” for daily devotional time and Bible-reading. It helps to know in advance what you’re going to read the next day so that you don’t waste your precious time trying to find something. Are you looking to start being consistent with devotional time? I have a 5-day Reset Devotional for moms in my FREE eBook that you can grab here!

5. Set yourself up for success.

Is there a place you can have your quiet time every day? Could you have your Bible and whatever else you need ready to go every time? Would it help to have a cup of coffee or tea while you read and pray? Would you be more focused with a devotional app or a hard copy? The beauty of having a physical devotional book is that you can have it next to your bed and pick it up right when you wake up in the morning. It also doesn’t need to be charged and won’t tempt you to check {insert your own personally addictive social media platform here} instead. Or you can do what I do and use your phone in “do not disturb” mode. I noticed if I don’t do my devotional time before I get out of bed, I won’t do it at all. You may learn your best devotional “setup” through trial and error.

6. Don’t skip ahead.

I know you’re in a hurry to become better than you are right now, but in this case you’re trying to build longevity in relationship with Jesus, not see how fast you can speed through a book. It’s better to give God five intentional minutes each day than to go through a reading plan in one sitting and not read your Bible any more than you did before you started.

7. If you miss a day, pick up where you left off or just skip the one you missed.

Sometimes we fail. If you didn’t know that (it personally took me a while to realize it), welcome to “Being A Human 101.” Don’t make yourself do double the reading. This is part of learning how to acknowledge that you can’t be perfect. Say it with me — IT’S OKAY! I promise. The best news is, God loves you and there’s nothing you can do to make Him love you less or more than He does right now. Rest in that and move forward. Progress over perfection! This is another reason I love the Bible App — the “Catch Me Up” feature in plans helps you to go back to the last day you missed and it looks like your progress is the same so you feel better about yourself.

Just do it!

Mama, your time with God is not an option, it’s a MUST! Read this blog post and this one if you need some extra motivation. And don’t forget my freebie for you — it helps you not only gain momentum in creating a devotional habit, it helps you realize why it’s important so that you keep it up.

Your Turn: What are you currently doing for your quiet times? What tips are you going to put into practice so you can be more consistent? ⭐️

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