What Is Family Worship? (Updated)

I first heard of “family worship” in a podcast by one of my favorite Christian bloggers, Jami Balmet of Young Wife’s Guide. Recently, I started seeing this term all over Pinterest from other Christian bloggers as well. It’s a concept that I love, it’s vital for discipling kids and inspiring our families to faith in Jesus, and it’s something that I will continue to post about. That being said, since it seems to be a fairly new term, though not a new practice, I wanted to explain it for you.

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What is Family Worship?

“Family worship” is simply intentional time focusing on God as a family. Family worship is a special time that gives you the opportunity to bond, set an example of different ways to worship God, show your kids how fun it is to be a Christian, create a meaningful family tradition, and seek God together outside of church, especially at home. It can be very structured or very flexible. It can be as intense as a full-on worship service or it can be as simple as a devotional and song after dinner.

How to Start Your Own Family Worship Routine

To start your own family worship routine, you want to consider how often you can and want to gather for worship and what you will do during those times. You can gather as often as every day or as little as one special family worship time per year. My husband and I get together with a group of our siblings, cousins and friends every year around the December holidays for a casual praise party. I usually make a big meal and we hang out, watch sports, blast gospel music, sing and lift each other up in prayer.

With our nuclear family we like to do “arts and crafts” Bible studies almost once per month because our daughter and her Nana love art. Sometimes we’ll read the Bible and watch a Christian show, movie or video devotional together for our family worship times. There is usually food involved in our family worship times as well, whether that is a pre-packaged snack or baked goods made from scratch in our kitchen that fits the theme of our Bible study. Food and worship is totally biblical, by the way. Have you ever heard of an agape feast?

Do Your Own Thing!

Your family might choose to do something completely different than what I mentioned. One family that I know likes to do something they call “soaking” where they listen to worship music and share what thoughts, Scripture, or images come to mind, encouraging and challenging each other throughout. I think serving as a family could also be included as family worship because when we serve we are activating our faith.

When it comes to planning and preparing, I like to brainstorm with the other adults in my household (my husband and my mom-in-law). It’s fun to consider each others interests and talents and collaborate to make it special for all of us. The point is to make Jesus the focus of your time together by worshiping Him.

Below are some links to blogs that I’ve written with examples of family worship (plus printables). You can do them as they are or use them as inspiration and take them to another level. These are especially great for families with young kids or with craft-oriented members. Let me know in the comments if you want me to write more posts like these:


Your turn: Do you have some kind of family worship time at home or do you plan on starting one? Share your ideas so that we can inspire each other. ⭐


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