Leftover Peeps Easter Candy Bible Study For Families

Bible Study with My Peeps: I took leftover Easter candy and turned it into a Bible study for kids.

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I Had A Minor Leftover Peeps Dilemma

Easter was over a week ago and there is still easter candy in my house. Normally, that is unheard of! I should go check my hubby’s temperature right now to make sure he’s not ill!

It could be the fact that I hid the candy in the closet the way my parents did whenever my sister and I went trick-or-treating for Halloween. Easter is the Christian kid’s “Halloween,” isn’t it? In terms of getting candy, I mean. Other than that they are obviously not at all related… Anyway, I stopped celebrating Halloween in high school after I became a Christian and my hubby never grew up celebrating it so, naturally, our little one will not be celebrating it. But let’s admit it, Halloween is unnecessary with holidays like Easter!

Of course Easter, I mean, Resurrection Sunday, is about the risen Savior. Christ’s resurrection is what gives us the opportunity to be saved. That’s a huge deal, not to be belittled by eggs and bunnies and chicks and duckies. Howeverrrr… I believe part of the joy in Christian parenting is helping our kids understand and receive foundational doctrine through practical, fun, and meaningful experiences. In other words, we make faith stick through kids stuff. And what better way to celebrate the Risen King than peeps, chocolate bunnies, and easter egg hunts?? I mean, what better way for a kid??? Name one!! Name five!!

Could I Make A Bible Study Out Of This?

So, a couple of weeks ago I shared a Bible Study for kids based on the Easter Egg. Our kids are constantly bombarded with these “pagan,” commercial images, so why not use them for God’s glory? Check that post out and pin it for your next Easter celebration, or for whenever you want to teach your kids about the Resurrection, because #EveryDayIsEaster.

This week I want to discuss the aftermath. Some of us went out of our way to create glorious memories for our kids, ensuring that we kept Christ in Easter without making them feel like they’re missing out on the goods just because they’re growing up Christian. So we took them to church and loaded them up on candy. Chocolate, Peeps, jelly beans… YOU NAME IT!!! And if we didn’t give it to them, the church probably did because they want our kids to associate church with the awesome things in life. It’s brilliant marketing and bribery and we are completely okay with it!

But this candy lasts foreverrr. And there is only so much that we, the responsible, dental-health-stewarding parents, can eat on our own without getting a stomachache or hating the invisible changes we see in the mirror afterward. So what do we do? How do we keep Christ in the Easter candy when it’s no longer Easter???

I gotchu.


Enter the sparrow’s nest. You know how in the Bible, Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount and told the crowd that if God clothes the flowers and feeds the sparrows, he will take care of us? I put together a kids’ Bible study based on that passage of Scripture, encouraging children to trust God to provide for their needs. The best part? There’s a “snack” to go with it — a little “Peeps nest” made from leftover easter candy!

Y’all know my baby girl is only two years old so I definitely made this snack for her while she was sleeping and put it in the fridge overnight, but I think older kids would have a blast putting their own nests together as long as an adult handles the grating of the chocolate.

Here’s how I did it:

First I gathered the candy. Peeps, jelly beans, malted milk eggs, and a chocolate bunny.

Side note: My daughter loves The Bunny Song from Veggie Tales. I know it was almost banned and has undergone multiple revisions, but we still accept the song in our household. Especially because our girl tries to sing with a baritone voice and puckers her lips as if that helps her vocal range go lower. Priceless. If you’re a rebel, you might consider playing The Bunny Song while you put together your snack. I might have to make a Rack, Shack, and Benny themed Bible study now that I think about it…

I’m getting carried away, and some of you didn’t get the reference and felt like you missed an inside-joke and I’m sorry, so let’s move on…

For the snack, I also used a grater, a bowl to catch the chocolate shavings and a cupcake liner to hold the nest together.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Ghetto About This

You’ll learn that I’m all about doing what you can with what you have, probably because I’m from the ‘hood old-fashioned. No grater? Use a knife and make shavings in advance if you plan to have a child help you assemble the nest. No bowl? Use a table. No cupcake liners? Recycle one of those plastic cups from a single-serving applesauce or fruit cocktail, or recycle and cut one of the cups from a carton of eggs. The egg carton cup might work better for a younger child/smaller portion. I know you’re creative and resourceful — think outside of the box and do what works for what you have. I challenge you to not buy anything extra to make this snack!

Also, Have Fun With It!

This is where you get to be artistic and try to put together your most Instagram-worthy nest. Next, I took the chocolate bunny and grated it’s ears to make chocolate shavings. I then placed the chocolate shavings in the cupcake liner, grating more and adding it to the liner as needed.

I then took a few jelly beans and one large malt egg and placed them strategically in the cupcake liner on top of the chocolate. Then, I added one of the Peeps and moved the jelly beans and malt egg around to make everything more homey and cozy for her. What’s cool is even if we decided to make this snack at another time of the year you could get away with just doing the chocolate and the jellybeans and I’m almost certain most kids wouldn’t complain.

Lastly, I added some more chocolate shavings on top so that it really looked like a nest. That’s it! Tada! Super easy!

Then, Just Eat It

The fun part is the massacring the little Peep. There’s no better way to eat Peeps than to bite their heads off first. If your child is especially sensitive to violence towards inanimate objects, especially when they’re formed after adorable animals, you might want to wait until they’re not looking to begin the massacre. Massacre for God’s glory. If it makes you feel any better, just call it a crusade. I won’t judge anyone else’s triggers, but I will proudly say that my two-year-old is a girl after my own heart: she bit the head off AND made up her own song… “I’m eating the birdie, I’m eating the birdie.” That’s ?? my ?? baby!!! ??

Add God’s Word and You’re Done!

Whether you get your kids involved in making this snack or you make it for them, this is an opportunity to connect and remember the Bible story that goes with it. The big idea for the study is: “God will take care of me!” How awesome would it be if every time your child saw jellybeans, Peeps, or malted milk eggs they remember, “God will take care of me!” The Bible study and instructions for this snack are linked here. You could also read the story directly from a children’s bible, especially useful for little ones with short attention spans (i.e. toddlers, etc.)

Your turn: Will you be making this craft this week? What other ways could you use what you have in excess to inspire your kids to faith in God? Let me know in the comments! ⭐

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