The Real Reason You Have No Time To Read Your Bible

UPDATE: The FREE resource mentioned in this post is no longer available because I’m using the materials in a future project. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. I have a free Proverbs 31 Printable that I know will bless you….

Why The SOAP Bible Study Isn't Enough (And What To Do Instead)

The SOAP Bible Study is a popular and easy method but it has a major flaw that can make your study very shallow. Here are some steps you can add to have a better understanding of God’s Word.

Why I Stopped Saying Grace Before Dinner (And Regretted It)

When I became a Christian I decided it made no sense to say “grace” before meals. I didn’t grow up saying grace, and I didn’t see why I had to start. Recently my whole perspective has changed.

What Is Family Worship? (Updated)

I first heard of “family worship” in a podcast by one of my favorite Christian bloggers, Jami Balmet of Young Wife’s Guide. Recently, I started seeing this term all over Pinterest from other Christian bloggers as well. It’s a concept…