7 Ways To Be Generous When You’re On A Budget

If you’re struggling to make ends meet but you still want to bless people, it is absolutely possible! I’ll be writing a separate post on the best way to manage your money when you’re broke, but today I’m sharing 7 non-monetary ways to bless people when you’re broke.

Is It Okay To Make Money From A Christian Blog?

Most of us know by now that blogging can be a way to make money. I think sometimes Christians can especially wrestle with whether to monetize or make money from their Christian blog because their not sure if it’s okay. I know I struggled with the question myself: “Is it okay to make money from a Christian blog?”

10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start A Christian Blog

So you want to start a Christian blog? I think it’s wonderful to want to make an impact for God’s glory. Especially those of us who love to write may find that blogging seems like a good idea to do for Jesus. Before you jump right in, I want to strongly caution to consider these 10 reasons why you should NOT start a Christian blog.

Pregnancy Loss Sucks: 20+ Things To Do While You're Waiting To Get Pregnant

I’ve had four pregnancies and only one child to show for it. I have three babies in heaven. In this post, I get a little petty and think of ways that women can make the best of this sucky situation. If you’re struggling because of pregnancy loss or infertility, I hope my realness here blesses you.

Is Date Night Really Necessary? + 50 Date Ideas

What’s the big deal with date night? With society’s ever-busy schedules, date nights are great ways for couples to reconnect throughout the week. Is date night really necessary for a good marriage? Well it depends on how you look at…

How I Finally Got My House Clean And Stopped Being A Slob

At the beginning of this year, I learned how to keep my house clean consistently. Before that time, my home was ALWAYS a mess. Think mountains and rivers of dirty laundry, not-yet-unpacked boxes, overflowing dirty dishes, zero counter or table…

How to Start A Side Business Doing What You Love

Starting a business takes guts, especially if you’re starting from scratch. You might as well start a business that you actually love. I’ve started over 5 profitable side hustles and in this post I show you how to start your own!

The Real Reason We Don't Know How To Pray For Our Families

Why does it seem that Christian women are seeking inspiration about what to say to God? Why does it seem like Christian women don’t know how to pray for our kids and our spouses? Or rather — why are Christian women not confident in our prayers for our families? I think I know the answer.

How to Celebrate Jewish Holidays As A Christian

I’m pretty sure my love for Jewish culture dates back to my 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade teachers who always took time around the December holidays to teach us about Hanukkah. (Shout out to Ms. Neidenberg ❤️) Growing up in…

Why Christians Should Celebrate Rosh Hashanah — At The Beach

This blog post is an excerpt of one I wrote for the “Days of Awe” series on the Worth Beyond Rubies blog. I had the privielege of connecting with Diane (who is a Jewish Christian) to collaborate with her for…