5 Things That Kill Our Productivity As Moms

This year God has things He wants you to accomplish for His glory, but sometimes there are obstacles, including those we can avoid. Here are 5 things that kill our productivity as moms:

The Real Reason Why I Became A Stay-At-Home Mom + Is It Right For You?

Should you become a stay at home mom? I feel like among Christian circles there is a weird pressure to stay home with the kids, like “that’s what a Titus 2 woman would do.” If you’re not sure whether to stay-at-home or go back to work, that’s okay! Hopefully this blog will help you to decide.

Why I Went Back To Work Even Though I Didn't Have To

I think Christian moms should consider working part-time as an alternative in the “stay-at-home” versus “go-back-to-work” debate. I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost 3 years, working a few different side hustles from home that brought me sporadic income and will soon become full-time income. However, I recently started working very part-time (less than 12 hours) outside of my home for some extra cash. I didn’t really “need” to start working, but I’m glad I did! Here’s why…

Can Christian Moms "Have It All?"

Can Christian moms really “have it all?” I say absolutely — YES. I think of all women, Christian women can especially “have it all” and we should. An example of this is The Proverbs 31 Woman. But have you been reading this scripture all wrong? Read more to find out what it means to have it all, based on The Proverbs 31 Woman.

Better Than New Year's Resolutions: Dear Future Self

I’m not a New Year’s Resolutions person. I tend to set them and fail at them by March. So this year, I decided, instead, to pray through and set a vision for myself of the person I want to be and the things I want to do in the New Year by writing a letter to my future self.

Why Christian Moms Should Try Yoga

Lately, I have realized how important it is for me to be a good steward of my body. I have always had generally good health, but between becoming a mom, having a few miscarriages, and stress-eating, I’ve put on more…

How to Define Success As A Christian

The new year is around the corner and I’m thinking about how much I have grown this year, by God’s grace. I’m setting goals for next year that will help me be most effective in the mission God has given…

How to Teach Your Kid That The World Does Not Revolve Around Them

None of us wants to raise bratty kids. Here are 11 ways to teach your kid that the world does not revolve around them:

10 Christian Books That Will Actually Change Your Life In 2019

Today, I’m recommending 10 books (other than the Bible) that completely changed my life this year by helping me take ownership of my thoughts, emotions and actions.

Should Christians Celebrate Hanukkah?

This will be my first year celebrating Hanukkah so I wanted to bring in an expert to tell us more about it. I’m so excited and grateful to have my friend Diane from Worth Beyond Rubies guest blogging today! You’re going to love what she has to say…