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As a young mom, sometimes you have a hard time making friends. You feel like you’re not as far along in life as you should be. You're in full adulting mode but sometimes you don't feel like an adult. You wish there was a safe place to talk about culture and process what's going on in the world. You’re trying to go after your dreams and do the best you can to raise your family. You know you need to connect with God and people tell you to, "wait," and, "trust him," but you’re confused because you know there’s more you can do. You just want to be a blessing, and you wish there was a place where you could work it all out with other mamas like you. I feel you, girl!

Hey sis, I’m Imani Ackerman, I’m a Christian millennial mom and, until about two minutes ago, I had a hard time figuring out how to , raise a family while pursuing the dreams God put on my heart and remaining authentic in my faith. The world needs what we have to offer, it’s just figuring out what, when, and how much to offer — and what to do in between!

So I write blogs, books, and Bible studies to help you grow in relationship with Jesus and take practical steps to live out the purpose He has for your life. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean your dreams get smaller — quite the contrary — it means that you have to be more intentional and find balance in everything God has called you to be and do. Believe it or not, God’s Word shows us how. Let's walk through it together.

I’m a Bible geek and licensed minister turned entrepreneur and author. I serve alongside my youth pastor husband at our local church while working from home.

Also, I know Michael Jackson’s thriller dance by heart. ⭐


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