5 Things That Kill Our Productivity As Moms

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This year God has things He wants you to accomplish for His glory, but sometimes there are obstacles, including those we can avoid. Here are 5 things that kill our productivity as moms:

1. Trying to just “check things off.”

We can be so quick to want to feel like we actually did something that we start things we can’t finish because we didn’t have a plan. Alternatively, we do something less important that takes up a lot of time when really we needed to be working on something more important (which is usually something we don’t like, or something scary.)

Try this instead: Pray through your plan. First of all, make a to-do list. It also helps to know your definition of success. Then bring your to-do list to God. We often try to separate our work and our faith. Let God help you become more efficient as you discuss with Him what you’re going to do. Allow Him to give you the vision for why the things on your to-do list are significant and which list items should be top priorities. That will give you the clarity you need to tackle the most important things each day.

2. Running on empty

You must refuel / refill / recharge in every aspect of your life or you will burn out and have to take a break to play catch up on the areas you neglected.

Try this instead: Put yourself first. I know this may sound “unChristian,” but when you prioritize spending time with God, eating nutritious meals, getting enough rest, exercising, getting in quality time with the people who refresh you, and doing the things that you’re passionate about, you can give more to your family and to the world.

3. Mom Guilt

Guilt makes us stuck, defeated before attempt, and it’s hard to get out of that mindset once you’re in it! To get out of that guilt, we often tell ourselves that we have to earn the right to live our lives by being “better moms.” Being a “better mom” often means comparing ourselves to other moms to try to make ourselves better, derailing ourselves from our own track. It’s a vicious cycle full of lies a standards God never called us to!

Try this instead: Remind yourself of God’s grace every day. Maybe you need to intentionally read a devotional or have a set of Scripture-based affirmations that remind you that your worth is not based on how good of a mom you are or are not, but it is based on what God says about you. He thought you were worth dying for before you ever thought about living for Him. Because of Him, every day is new. You have permission to start over and not have it all together.

4. Perfectionism

You slow yourself down because you have impossible standards. Oftentimes, perfectionism leads to self-sabotage — you quit early or never start because you’ll never be “good enough.” In other words, perfectionism often equals procrastination.

Try this instead: God wants to use you for His purposes. God chose you! Do the best you can and give yourself permission to be human. Also give yourself credit for the things you do well. Remember, you are perfect in Christ!

5. Worry

The Bible says (in Matthew 6:37) that worry literally can’t add an hour to your life. When you worry you are wasting precious time over things that are out of your control.

Try this instead: Surrender your need to be in control. I know, it’s easier said than done. Try reading a few books on the subject to learn how to control what only you can and stop worrying about what you can’t. Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend are experts in this regard. I highly recommend the *Boundaries series and It’s Not My Fault — those books changed my life!


Your Turn: What other productivity killers can you think of? ⭐️

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