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The FREE event you actually want to attend.

Made for millennial mamas (or younger) and moms-to-be. Come and gather with women who get you, eat home-cooked soul food, listen to live jazz, and hear some real encouragement from women who've "been there." The perfect mix of chill + lit. Leave refreshed, inspired, full, and with some surprise goodies. Whether your goal is to have a relaxing evening for yourself, meet your new bestie, not have to cook for the night, or get a little closer to your purpose, this night is for you (plus childcare, too). Come through, sis!

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Can women truly have it all? The answer is YES!

You can have the career, family, and joy you imagine. And I have proof! Sign up below to get the free excerpt of my book, How to Have It All: The Secrets of the Proverbs 31 Woman.

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Hey sis! I’m Imani. I create books, Bible studies & blogs to help young Christian moms become who God made them to be and change the world. I’m a Jesus-loving youth pastor’s wife, and mom to a girly three-year-old. (Yes, this is an old pic but it's one of my faves!)